PVE3x Info

❗ Mods include

➼ Raidable Bases 50+ bases

➼ In Game Shop

➼ Premium automated events (Armored Train, Convoy, Sputnik, Plane Crash, Junkyard Event, Cobalt Laboratory, Defendable bases)

➼ RP system

➼ Skills

➼ Growable Ores and Magic Tree Seeds

➼ Bear Ride, Auto Base Upgrade in TC, Backpacks

➼ Custom Helicopter Tiers

➼ Npc raiders who can raid your base

➼ Better healing

➼ NPC’s on all monuments and biomes with super weapons(more info will be in game info panel)

➼ Roaming NPC bosses with different abilities. These have ADMINS names! So, if you have a vendetta against an admin, feel free to go and kill them in game!

➼ Running custom map with created Hunger Games Island, where you can fight(full PVP) each other if you get bored and win good prizes!

➼ RP VIP packages

➼ VIP and VIP+ packages

➼ And many many more...