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Duo Only Rules




All rules listed below apply to the Solo, Duo  Servers!

1) DO NOT exceed the team size on any server at any time- (Solo = 1, Duo = 2). Exceeding this limit can and will lead to a ban.

2) On the SOLO ONLY server you CANNOT assign bags to anyone else!

3) If you are swapping team members on DUO mid-wipe, you must remove all items & authorization for the player that left. You can switch teammates once per wipe.

4) You are NOT allowed to share your codes with anyone who’s not part of your team.

5) Strictly NO services. The only exception to this rule is the Taxi Vehicle Module.

6) Strictly NO slaving / farming for other players/teams.

7) All trades must be of a fair value!

8) Trading is recommended to be completed using in game shops, vending machines, trade windows and the Taxi Vehicle Module.

9) You ARE allowed to gift tier one items to new players/players that have just started their wipe!

10) Under NO circumstances can you let anyone outside of your team to be/go inside your base/compound.


11) You CANNOT be friendly while raiding, counter raiding, doing monuments or any in game event.

12) If you giveaway your loot or base, you CANNOT come back to the server and play this wipe. This could be considered as teaming if this happens.

13) NO public accusations!


Please refer to the Facepunch Rust ToS for further information about behavior and hacking rules. These rules MUST be followed on our servers! - https://facepunch.com/legal#TermsOfService